Maid Cleaning Company – Hire A Maid

We understand that stability and reliability is crucial and that is why we lessen maids rotation as much as possible. Some customers quickly build trust with certain cleaners. Therefore, we try to promote the trust by making sure that we designate you the exact same local cleaner anytime you call us to work with a maid for particular or general house cleaning.

We have instances, where a few of our customers have actually offered to leave their homes under the care of our staff for weeks whenever they are out for business or vacation.

In addition, unlike any other maid cleaning service, Quicklyn does not enforce on the customer the kind of products to be used in cleaning their homes. We comprehend that each customer has a particular taste to how they would like their house to smell. Therefore, we let you pick the materials to be used in cleaning your home.

We can just go as far as recommending the best cleaner for particular locations of your house. However, the choice of a brand of soap cleaning agent, stain cleaner, scrubber, toilet cleaning agent and any other paraphernalia that may be needed is yours to make.