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Preparing For Back To School Season? Keep These Cleaning Tips Handy


The arrival of a new school year brings with it plenty of opportunities to finally give your house the cleaning it needs (and deserves!). Kids are great, and an absolute joy to be around, but let’s admit it- it’s almost impossible to maintain a clean house with them in the house. Among other things, they are expert at spreading dirt, sand, water, and a gazillion toys all around the house. But, all that ends now.

With the back to school season round the corner, it’s finally the team to launch into elaborate cleaning campaigns. Fold up your sleeves and ready your brooms and mops! Today, we discuss a slew of cleaning tips that will help make your home spotless at least during the hour’s school is in session. And if you think the mess needs expert attention, you could always hand over your cleaning duties to the house cleaning maids from Quicklyn. So, are you ready? Let’s dive in!

Create A Cleaning Checklist

Homes can get extremely messy and dirty during school summer vacations and holidays. Therefore, you’ll need to devote quite a lot of time and energy to cleaning the mess created. The best course of action is to walk around your home and make a list of everything that needs cleaning. Look under beds, inside wardrobes, underneath furniture and in all every hidden crevice to identify areas that require thorough cleaning. If you pride yourself on having a keen eye for detail, this is the perfect occasion to test it out!

 Create A Cleaning Shopping List

Once you’re done identifying the areas that need cleaning, the next step involves purchasing the cleaning tools that’ll help you get your home back in shape. Using your new back-to-school cleaning checklist, compile a list of all the cleaning agents and tools you’ll need to get your home back in shape.

If you have carpets, you may need to allocate a separate cleaning routine altogether for the. Scour your local electric stores to find the best vacuum cleaner for carpet. If they’re no good, then take your search online. Ideally, you should choose something that can be reconfigured to perform a wide range of vacuuming jobs. Look for a model with attachments, a motorised brush roll and a handheld, detachable unit.

Soak It First

If you’re sink is chock full of dirty dishes, don’t just dive directly into scrubbing the stubborn layers of greases off them. Instead, soak them first. Boil some water in a container and add some dish soap and a little lemon juice. Let dishes soak for about 30 mins then wash or load them into the dishwasher. They will be as clean as new.

Add Music To Your Cleaning Routine

After all, what else could be counted upon to turn a mundane activity into an interesting one but music? So, the next time you take out your broom and put on your cleaning gloves, do not forget to crank up the volume of your speaker! Sing aloud and dance along to your favorite beats and watch the shackles of these dreaded chores succumb to your groovy vibes. This playfulness will not only elevate your mood, but also help you complete your tasks sooner than usual. Decorate your playlist with the artists of your choice and let them be your partners while you go about making your home a cleaner and a better place to live in.

Clean Out Your Freezers

This is standard practice when it comes to cleaning your freezer. The first thing that you need to do before you start cleaning your freezer is to turn it off. This will safeguard you from the risks of electrical shocks and other injuries as you freezer defrosts. Additionally, when your freezer is defrosting, make sure that your refrigerator is located in a place that has good drainage provisions. In the absence of it, you might risk damaging other appliances that happen to come in contact with the flooding water.

After you have unplugged the freezer, make sure that you remove all the food items that were stored inside it. This prevents them from coming in contact with the excess water that results from the thawing process. The best method to keep them from harm’s way involves storing them in plastic zip lock bags and other similar storage totes. Moreover, using airtight containers allows you to prevent premature defrosting as well. As an additional method, you can line these containers with plastic bags or towels so that the cleaning process becomes easier for you at the time of putting the food items back into the freezer. 

Wipe Your Pet’s Muddy Paws Clean

If you’re a pet owner on top of a being a parent, then keeping a clean house is twice as difficult. Dogs like roaming, a LOT. Hence, you should be extra vigilant about their muddy paws. Every time your dog goes out for a walk in the backyard or your neighbourhood, keep a towel and possibly a shallow tub of water at your disposal. This way, when your dog comes back into the house after their routine stroll, you can wipe their muddy paws clean before they enter the house.

Dogs are experts at slinging mud all over themselves, and on occasion absolutely love rolling and splashing in puddles. Agreed, while it is extremely cute to look at from a safe distance, it is equally troublesome when you are faced with the prospect of scrubbing those muddy trails clean from your floor. The best way to avoid this possibility, thus, is to clean your dog’s paws at the doorstep before allowing them to walk into the house.

Replace Air Filters In Everything

Replacing the air filters in your home will help your eliminate dust and pollen in the air, improving the overall air quality of your house in the process. Subsequently, itt can also help reduce allergies and keep your family from getting sick.

Cost of Cleaning Service


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