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9 Tips for Maintaining A Sparkling Clean Bathroom


Wouldn’t it be great if our bathrooms stayed sparkling clean every single day?

Imagine the joy of starting your day with a refreshing shower in a spotless, hygienic space. Sounds refreshing, right? It would also steal your worries about unexpected guests needing to use a dirty bathroom.

But how do you turn this dream into a reality?

When it comes to bathroom cleaning, you must pay regular attention to three key areas: the floor, sink, and toilet bowl. The rest of the bathroom can be cleaned less frequently, maybe twice a week or whenever necessary. However, if you have a jam-packed schedule, you must find cleaning your bathroom a burden.

This guide will provide you with fantastic home deep cleaning tips that will keep your bathroom sparkling clean every day in no time. So, let us dive right in and make maintaining a clean bathroom easier than ever!

How Can You Take Care Of Your Bathroom Cleaning?

Deep cleaning your bathroom doesn’t have to be daunting. Using these effective cleaning methods, you can eliminate hidden germs and mold from your bathroom. Here is a comprehensive guide to your go-to resource for achieving a pristine bathroom:

1. Clean The Counter-tops Regularly:

Bathroom surfaces serve as a breeding ground for germs, accumulating toothpaste residue, hair, soap scum, water spots, and more. Keeping them clean is crucial. It is a simple and effective method to wipe them down regularly. You can spray an antibacterial bathroom cleaner and use a microfiber cloth for a sparkling and hygienic result. Doing it every 2-3 days prevents dust build-up and maintains order in your bathroom.

2. Ensure Weekly Toilet Cleaning:

No one finds cleaning the toilet as a favorite chore, but it is essential. With multiple uses daily, germs quickly accumulate. So, cleaning it thoroughly at least once a week using antibacterial sprays is advisable. Just spray on the entire toilet- including the seat, lid, flush, and sides and wipe with a cleaning cloth. Additionally, you can use bleach. Pour a cup of bleach into the bowl, let it sit for 15 minutes, and then scrub with a toilet brush for a shiny toilet.

3. Scrub For A Mold-Free Bathroom:

Preventing mold build-up on bathroom tiles can be challenging. However, if you ensure weekly scrubbing, it can help maintain your space. You can scrub with abrasive pads for shower floors and bathtub rings, tile brushes for grout, or even an old toothbrush for small corners. It will effectively remove mold, dust, and dirt and prevent dirt build-up and mold growth.

4. Remove Lime-scale For Glass Surfaces:

You must clean bathroom glass, both mirror and shower door, on a weekly basis. However, it is essential to use suitable cleaners to avoid damaging the glass. Avoid abrasive cleaners or scourers as they may scratch or dull the glass. Instead, opt for a gentle glass cleaner for mirrors and windows and a foaming bathroom cleaner for shower doors. If limescale persists, use a mixture of vinegar and bleach.

5. Maintain Your Bathroom Sinks:

You can keep your bathroom sink clean and ready for use by rinsing it after each use and thoroughly drying it. You can also keep a cloth and a spray bottle of vinegar handy. It will facilitate daily cleaning. Regular rinsing and wiping keep your sink clean, dust-free, and guest-ready. Furthermore, it will also make your weekly deep cleaning easier.

6. Remember Your Shower Curtains:

Amidst other cleaning tasks, people often overlook the shower curtains. This makes the curtains susceptible to accumulating mold and germs. So, wash them in a washing machine monthly or soak them in bleach-filled water. Dry it properly after cleaning to maintain the shape and prevent mold buildup. Additionally, leave the shower curtain open after every use. It will promote ventilation and avoid humidity buildup.

7. Clean the Shower Head efficiently:

You must not forget to clean your showerhead regularly. Use an old toothbrush, descaler, or vinegar-water solution to describe it monthly. For stubborn clogs, use a needle to unclog spray holes. Though time-consuming, this method is highly effective, as per home cleaning services in NYC. However, you must ensure proper ventilation when using strong chemicals during deep cleaning.

8. Wash Hand Towels properly:

Hand towels in the bathroom can get dirty because many people use them. Also, they trap moisture, which can lead to bacteria. So, replace the towels with clean ones every three to four days and wash them carefully. Always hang wet towels on a bar instead of a hook to let air circulate, and never miss out on cleaning the towel bar.

9. Degerm Your Bathroom Vent:

The bathroom vent helps reduce mold and mildew but also sucks in airborne particles. These particles can stay on the blades and inside the vent, thus requiring cleaning at regular intervals. Take off the vent cover and soak it in soap water. You can also put the fan on a switch timer to run during showers and for 30 minutes afterward. This will help keep moisture levels down and save energy.

If you have a busy schedule, you can also choose to relax and hire a professional team to clean your bathroom regularly. There are numerous professional house cleaning services, such as Quicklyn, that provide excellent bathroom cleaning services in and around NYC.

How Can Quicklyn Help You Keep The Bathroom Clean All Year Round?

Cleaning your bathroom might feel overwhelming. Whether you have a big family, work full-time, or have other obligations, finding time to clean can be challenging. Or maybe cleaning just isn’t your thing. Whatever the reason, you can always hire help.

Quicklyn‘s house cleaning services in Long Island stand out for their excellent services. In fact, we are known for our careful cleaning, paying close attention to even the smallest details. Our experts use top-notch and eco-friendly cleaning agents that guarantee a spotless result, making your bathroom lively and inviting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What should be the duration of cleaning the bathrooms?

The bathroom should be cleaned at least once a week by following the above tips, if daily is not feasible.

Q2. What all is included in the bathroom cleaning?

The product list for bathroom cleaning includes essentials such as a toilet bowl cleaner, disinfectant wipes, glass cleaner, mildew remover, an air freshener, and all-purpose cleaner.

Q3. How long does it take to clean the bathroom professionally?

The professional team of Quicklyn takes 30-45 minutes to maintain a sparkling clean bathroom, but rest depends on your requirements.