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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a House Cleaning Service in New York?


New York is often called the city that never sleeps. Did you know why? Well, the city is a bustling metropolis where time is of the essence. With saving of time as a main priority, this dynamic urban landscape which is characterized by various-sized towering residences, has created a demand for reliable cleaning assistance.

But how can professional cleaners in New York assist you?

Selecting a professional cleaning service offers numerous advantages beyond just a clean home. From reclaiming valuable time to ensuring a consistently tidy and healthful living space, the benefits are wide-ranging and impactful. So, if you are planning to elevate your living experience, this is the right time to get hold of a trusted cleaning company in NY.

In the blog, we will discuss the prime cost factors which you must consider when hiring the expert cleaning services.
Let’s begin as it is the time to discover the true essence of a sparkling home in the city!

What Are the Factors Influencing House Cleaning Costs In New York?

Understanding the various factors influencing house cleaning costs in New York is essential before seeking professional cleaning services in this city. However, the cost framework for these services varies, mirroring the distinctive features of individual homes and meeting the requirements of the dynamic New York lifestyle.

Size and Layout of the Home:

Larger homes or those featuring intricate layouts require more time and effort. This usually impacts the overall price. The typical range for smaller apartments like studios or one-bedroom units is between $80 and $150. While for Medium-sized homes, encompassing two to three bedrooms, the price might range from $120 to $250. This price further goes up to $200 or above in case of larger homes or multi-storey residences.

Number of House Cleaners:

The determination of your cleaning service quote hinges significantly on the hourly rate charged. Typically ranging between $25 and $50 per cleaner, it is influenced by numerous factors. It includes the intricacy of the cleaning job and whether you opt for agency services or hire an individual directly. Usually, the average hourly cost tends to hover around $50. However, in the case of a routine cleaning session, companies commonly deploy a team of two individuals costing about $100 per hour for the entire package.

Additional Services and Customization:

Additional services and customization contribute to cost variation. Beyond standard cleaning tasks, services like deep cleaning, window washing, or carpet cleaning will incur extra charges. Deep cleaning costs between $150 and $300, window cleaning costs around $5 to $10 per window, and carpet cleaning ranges from $0.15 to $0.30 per square foot.

Frequency of Cleaning:

Regular cleaning, whether conducted weekly or bi-weekly, often comes at a discounted rate compared to one-time or monthly services. Weekly cleaning may vary from $100 to $200 per visit, while bi-weekly cleaning costs between $120 and $250. Monthly cleaning services typically fall within the $150 to $300 range per visit.


The expense associated with home services is inevitably influenced by the cost of living. In Manhattan, cleaning services often come with a price tag of 15-25% higher than services offered in the outer boroughs. This difference is attributed to the heightened cost of living and increased business operation expenses in the bustling heart of the city. Conversely, the outer boroughs generally feature more affordable prices, although some variations may still be observed.

Seasonal and Economic Trends:

Seasonal and economic trends can introduce fluctuations in pricing. During peak seasons or economic upswings, prices may experience a modest increase of 5-10%. Being aware of these factors empowers residents to obtain detailed quotes, inquire about potential additional fees, and select a cleaning service that aligns with their needs and budget constraints in the dynamic landscape of New York City.

Wrapping Up!

As you traverse the lively streets of New York City, discovering the perfect cleaning service company may feel like a daunting task. In fact, you need to consider the distinctive requirements of your home, delve into various service offerings, and draw valuable insights from customer feedback before finalizing your cleaning decision.

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