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How To Keep Your Apartment Ready For New Tenants? Cleaning Tips Every Landlord Should Know


It’s never quite a bad time to be a landlord or rental property manager. Real estate is a timeless investment and with property rates rising with every passing year, that statement just continues to reinstate itself time and time again. There’s also the housing crisis, which continues to bring about a steady plunge in home ownership rates, meaning there’s plenty of customers looking to rent.

However, as a landlord, your job just doesn’t end at renting out your property to prospective tenants. You’re also in charge of keeping the house neat and sparkling clean in between tenants too. This is one of the toughest parts of the job. No matter how well-versed you are in the business, a change in tenancy and the associated cleaning duties that it brings forth will never fail to intimidate you.

This is where professional cleaning services like Quicklyn come into the picture. Our Airbnb cleaning service will leave your property tidy and neat as new, leaving your guests no scope for complaints whatsoever. However, if you want to give it a shot first, before handing over matters to the experts, we’re more than willing to help you in that regard as well. In this article, we discuss a set of highly effective cleaning tips that will help you keep your apartment ready for new tenants at all times. Read on to find out more about them!

Carry Out A Move-out Inspection

The move out is an important part of the rental process, so ensure you’re present when it is taking place. Often tenants take advantage of the landlord’s absence to file false property damage claims. Being in attendance during moving out can help you avoid these fates. If they have dirtied the walls or the tiles beyond reason, then you can always exact that amount out of them under maintenance charges.

That’s not all, your presence also gives rise to important conversations like determining exactly which remaining damages or repairs are your responsibility, and which are the tenants’. It’s also a good time to hand over any associated move-out rebates and avoid possible haggling later on. Lastly, don’t forget to retrieve all sets of unit keys back (including any tenant-created duplicates).

Maintain Visual Evidence Of Your Property

Should there be any disputes or additional charges during the moving-out process of your tenant, the best way to settle them is by bringing visual evidence into play. And the best way of maintaining visual evidence? Keep photographic records of your property. Photographs aren’t always taken as absolute proof, but they are a good way to clear matters up. Moreover, they also help you take stock of what the property looks like over time. After all, if you handed them over a clean apartment, they should return the favour, right?

While you are checking your property, take a few extra minutes to thoroughly document the living spaces. Not only will this help you get a listing up quickly but also allow you to compensate for the lack of professional photos. These days, quality before-and-after shots can be taken with the smartphone you own.

Scrutinize Utility Accounts

Never stay under the impression that your tenants will close their accounts or switch utilities when they move out. As an additional move-out step, ask them to produce proof of turn off or access to relevant utility account. This will spare you from a world of trouble while re-leasing your property. Remember, if your tenant is unable to pay or turn off a utility account, it can spell serious consequences for you as the landlord. 

Carry Out A Deep cleaning service tips of The House

While simple cleaning does help in the removal of surface dirt and grime, it is unable to attend effectively to stubborn layers of dust or mould. This is where deep-cleaning comes into the picture. A highly effective cleaning technique, deep cleaning helps in maintaining your well being by eliminating toxic airborne pathogens and dangerous bacteria that might be released through mouldy unkept areas.

Create a detailed checklist covering the deep cleaning process, and a second list that includes residential maintenance and upkeep points. Potential checklist items include cleaning appliances, testing light fixtures, sanitizing hard surfaces, shampooing any carpet you aren’t replacing, clearing air intake vents, and replacing HVAC filters. 

Make Sure The Carpet’s Squeaky Cleaning Service Tips

Among all the interior decoration elements that adorn our houses, carpets are perhaps the most under-appreciated of the lot. They cushion our bare feet during summer and provide much-needed warmth to them during the chilly winters. It makes your rooms cosier and warmer and in the process completes the transformation of your house into a home. Having said all that, carpet maintenance is no mean feat and can appear to be extremely overwhelming for the uninitiated.

While vacuum cleaners do contribute a fair bit towards tidying up your carpet, it is simply not good enough when it comes to getting rid of accumulated crud, dust particles, and unsuspecting hair stands.

Even the most powerful vacuum cleaner out there will amount to nothing when pitted against a long-hair carpet. This is when lint rollers come into the picture. The use of lint rollers coupled with a little bit of elbow persistence from your end will render your carpet as good as new, all in a matter of few minutes!

Cleaning Service for Short Term Rental

Give Your Tenants The Ultimate cleaning service tips House Experience With Quicklyn

As you might have already figured out from the steps highlighted above, maintaining a house that is clean and rent-ready at all times is no mean feat. Our expert cleaning service for short term rental stays combined with our extremely competitive Airbnb cleaning service tips cost are second to none and make us a force to reckon with in the professional cleaning industry.