How to prepare your home when maids are coming

Preparing your house for your maid to come does not take long. You do not need to “clean ” before the cleaning aid arrives, however there are some standard things you can do to make her task a lot easier.

No one works with a maid and after that plans to spend hrs cleaning, right? The fact is that you hire a cleaning service to ensure that you do not, actually, have to clean. If you do a couple of things before the cleaning professionals get here, you just might haveto pay less, and also the entire process will go a lot more smoothly.

Initially, make certain that you connect with the cleaning service regarding just how they will enter into your home. This may appear self-explanatory, yet you would be stunned regarding the number of maids who are left stranded since they have not had a security code or a key to a home. Communication is important throughout the entire process.
It is not the cleaning services job to do dishes, toys and papers. If you do not unclutter your house prior to they come, something useful can get damaged or misplaced.

Take care of valuable or fragile things in your house prior to the cleaning. While your cleaning team is most likely insured and you might have the value of that product replaced, you might not be able to replace the real item, specifically if it holds a valuable sentiment.

If you have pets, schedule them to be out of doors or locked securely in a kennel. Your maid is more than going to clean up after your pet, however she does not intend to need to battle or amuse off your animal friend while she remains in your residence. Even the friendliest pet dog may not be pleasant to a stranger who is entering your home, so every person is far better off if your family pets are securely put away.