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Most Effective Ways To Remove Grease | Get Quicklyn’s Cleaning Services


Accumulation of grease on kitchen cabinets and appliances is inevitable if you cook regularly. The thin film of grease on the stoves and chimneys can attract more dust, making your place look filthy. These can be hard to remove, and cleaning your kitchen will start to feel like a cumbersome chore. So, what can you do to remove grease with ease? FYI at Quicklyn, our cleaning services prices are fairly reasonable even for the toughest jobs like this.

● Hiring professional cleaning services

Hiring professional cleaners to deep clean your kitchen is the most hassle-free approach. The cleaners will bring in their tools and the industrial chemicals to thoroughly clean the grease in all the nooks and crannies of the kitchen. The intensity of cleaning will determine the cleaning service prices. Warning, given the complexity of the task, the cost of a cleaning service can be high if you have not cleaned your kitchen in years.

At times, hiring cleaners might be expensive, but if you do so, you will be able to savour your free time. Also, some cleaners will use green products during the deep clean to keep the process relatively chemical-free. While the professionals take care of the greasy mess, you can relax on the couch or visit your friends.

● Chemical cleaners

You will have to rely on the chemical cleaners if you disapprove of strangers entering your kitchen. Countless kitchen cleaners are available in supermarkets and online shopping markets. Read the instructions on how to use the products to get the best results. The chemical cleaners are specially designed to break down the grease molecules so they are easier to wipe down. The cost of cleaners can also be high.

It might be risky to use chemicals around regularly used areas for meal prepping and storing of products. For example, using cleaners to clean the kitchen countertops can be hazardous as it might leave behind some chemical residues. The residue can seep inside the food prepared on the kitchen tops and can cause adverse effects on your health.

● A simple warm soapy water solution is also effective

When it comes to removing grease, cold and room temperature water is often ineffective. It is because the water molecules do not stick to the grease molecules. On the other hand, hot water or warm water is much more effective for softening the greasy areas. You must be wondering, how does a simple temperature change affect the cleaning process? Well, higher temperatures melt fat, which is the major component of grease.

Now, when you add soap to the warm water, the effectiveness increases tremendously. The warm water softens the grease while the soap in the solution will help break it down. The soap solution will also simultaneously disinfect the kitchen surfaces. The soap solution is also relatively safer than the other chemical products.

● Stepping up your cleaning game with baking soda

The use of baking soda is not only limited to baking. It is a multipurpose ingredient that you can also use for cleaning multiple things in your kitchen. Dip your cleaning brush in warm water and sprinkle baking soda on it. Now, scrubbing the grease from your cupboards and countertops will become easier because the baking soda can cut through the grease. The alkaline nature of baking soda helps disintegrate the grease. After you have finished scrubbing, you only have to wipe the surfaces with a clean dry towel.

Apart from removing the grease, you can also use baking soda to unclog your sinks. You can also remove the stubborn grease stains from the microwave and the oven. The baking soda acts as a deodorizer for cutting boards and freezers.

● Undiluted white vinegar

Undiluted white vinegar is acidic and assists you with removing the stains easily. Just like the alkaline solution cuts through the grease, the acidic solution will break it down. You have to dampen a towel with distilled white vinegar. Then wipe the greasy surfaces and let the vinegar sit on top of the grease undisturbed. After 15 minutes, use a wet sponge to scrub the grease. In the end, you can just wipe it with a clean damp cloth.

Be cautious while using undiluted vinegar for cleaning. When vinegar is used to clean porous surfaces like wooden cabinets and marble, it can seep into the pores and damage them. These surfaces will end up looking dark and dull. Hence, you should use vinegar only to clean surfaces like steel, metal, iron, and sealed countertops.

● You can combine all the above steps

Combine vinegar and baking soda to the warm soapy water to create one of the most effective grease cleaning solutions. You can also add lemon juice or other essential oils to enhance the fragrance. You can easily spray the solution on top of the grease-affected areas and wipe it off. The solution can be prepared beforehand and stored in a cool and dry place. This will also reduce the cost of cleaners since you will not have to buy the bottled solutions from the supermarkets.

Some other tips to reduce the accumulation of grease

● Clean the kitchen countertops immediately after cooking to reduce the buildup.
● Use citrus oils or lemon juice to clear the cabinets and the stove regularly.
● Salt and rubbing alcohol solution can also be used to remove the grease from the washcloths and other cleaning rags.
● Flour can be used to clean up spilled grease. It might seem counterintuitive, but once the flour is sprinkled on top of grease it immediately absorbs it. Then you can simply wipe it right into the trash can.
● However, the best way to remove grease is to prevent it from accumulating in the first place. The thin layers of the grease can be easily removed. To make this possible, you will have to clean your kitchen at least once every week.

Cost of Cleaning Service

Stay Grease Free With Quicklyn Cleaning Services

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