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Places Nobody Remembers to Clean | Deep Clean Maid Service in New York


We offer deep clean maid service in New York and we have some important tips for you to keep your office adn home neat and tidy. Unlike the cleaning techniques and tactics that we adopt for our beloved homes, the ones that we implement in our offices and workplaces tend to be rather lax in nature. When it comes to cleaning offices, most business owners pay attention to only the basic tasks of sweeping, dusting, cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming, and emptying the trash bins. And although this fairly serves the purpose of keeping the office premises tidy, it fails to be the requisite or appropriate standard of health and hygiene for a place that is shared by several individuals. As a result, there exist certain areas and pockets of your office that remain perpetually outside the purview of cleaning activities. While this may appear to be trivial at the outset, lapses like these have the potential of snowballing into unavoidable health hazards in the longer run. 

If you have ever wondered what these places might be, then you have arrived at the right place. In this article, we disclose a list of all those office spots that nobody ever remembers to clean. We hope, that by the end of this article, you’ll give these places the cleaning justice that they rightfully deserve. Quicklyn, with its suite of exceptional commercial and excellent home cleaning services, will be more than willing to help you out in this endeavor. 

Large Machinery and The Areas Behind Them

Although they are among the most frequently used equipment at an office, they are also perhaps the most ignored element when it comes to getting cleaned. Unless specifically instructed, no one bothers to take the initiative to move large machinery, that could weigh anywhere beyond 300 pounds, to clean behind it. 

However, failure to do so leads to dust, debris and grime getting collected in stubborn layers on their surfaces. Hence, it is necessary that such equipment be moved and cleaned periodically. Regular dusting and cleaning of office machinery such as copiers and printers go a long way towards improving the quality of your prints. If you wish to produce high-quality topics, then you must try and keep the glass in your copier streak clean and free at all times. To do this, you could use the trusted cleaning combination of a liquid glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth. 

The Office Microwave and Coffee Maker

The only time in the day when people in the office think actively think about the microwave is when they have to warm up their lunch boxes (or their evening snacks). Given the fact that the office microwave gets daily use, you should make it a point to clean it once every week at the very least. 

A microwave isn’t easy to clean, and thus instead of assigning one person to do the job (even though they might be the one who left their lid open while reheating their pasta), you could devise a rotating cleaning schedule to minimize the scope of conflict among your staff. However, cleaning a microwave doesn’t mean just attending to its interiors. You have to take care of the outside of the microwave as well. If you need more convincing on this matter, you could read this study by the University of Arizona which claims that the sink and the microwave door handle are potentially the dirtiest places in a workplace. 

While we’re on the topic of microwaves, we’d like to bring up another piece of equipment that goes equally neglected- the coffee maker. A highly effective way of cleaning the coffeemaker involves using a descaling agent to get rid of the limescale buildup that usually plagues both the coffee maker as well as the tea kettle in the office. 

Ceiling Fans and Light Fixtures

Failing to clean the light fixtures and ceiling fans periodically not only encourages the build-up of dead bugs and dust but also greatly affects the overall efficiency of these appliances (yes, dirty lights mean dimmer lights). Although the ceiling fans and the light fixtures in your office can tend to go out of sight and out of mind, you must make it a point to attend to their cleaning on a weekly basis.

 The best way to clean light fixtures is to first turn off the power of the lights. After you’ve done this, proceed with dusting off anything that might have accumulated on the outside of the light fixtures. Next, remove the light cover and clean it inside and out. If you notice a persistent buildup of debris, then you should consider using an all-purpose cleaner to remove it. 

Curtains and Blinds

The curtains and blinds at your workplace need just as much cleaning and dusting time as the windows and window sill that hide behind them. There are a number of methods that you can adopt to clean curtains. 

Some of the most commonly used and popular techniques are steam cleaning, vacuuming, and sending them out for dry cleaning. As for the blinds, regular dusting and vacuuming is more than enough. If you have aluminium and vinyl blinds in your office, then you could consider soaking them in dish soap to effectively deep clean them.

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