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Post-Party Cleanup: Simple Steps to Clean Your Home


Hosting a lively celebration can be an absolute delight, filled with excitement and joy. However, as the night eventually winds down, and the guests depart with smiles on their faces, the echoes of laughter fade away.

You step back into your home, only to be confronted with the aftermath of the festivities. Empty cups, bottles, and plates are scattered everywhere, and the remnants of crumbs create a mosaic on the floor and furniture, resembling entire meals in themselves.

While the joy of having friends over and creating cherished memories is immense, dealing with the aftermath can be a daunting and tiresome task. In fact, the process of cleaning up after a party can be just as overwhelming as the meticulous planning that went into the event itself.

But there is no need to worry! We bring you the guide to make the after-party cleaning process much more manageable equivalent to the professional house cleaning services in NYC:

How Can You Clean Up Your Space After An Exciting House Party?

After any party, the aftermath typically dawns with the recognition of the mess that lingers. To help you in reclaiming a sense of order in your surroundings, we have crafted the definitive post-party cleanup checklist.


You must address the crucial cleaning tasks right after the party. It will allow you to rest peacefully, knowing that a strenuous day of cleaning doesn’t loom ahead. Let’s get started…!

Step 1: Dispose of All Garbage

Begin by collecting all the garbage. No matter how fatigued you feel, grab a large garbage bag. Toss in any waste you come across- chip packets, used tissues, or disposable cups and plates. Dispose of food scraps left on plates to prevent ants and other pests. Ensure proper segregation of garbage into different bags for recycling.

Step 2: Store Leftovers and Soak Your Dishes

Avoid leaving food out overnight. Pack the leftovers in food containers and place them in the refrigerator. Discard any items that cannot be saved, such as leftover dips, immediately. Next, gather all the dishes that need cleaning, and fill them with water along with some dishwashing liquid. Allow them to soak in the dishwasher while you take your night’s sleep.

Step 3: Load the Washing Machine

Next, for hygiene reasons, wash tablecloths, runners, dish towels, and hand towels to eliminate mild soil and stains. For stubborn stains, address them promptly with an appropriate stain remover before running them through the washing machine.

Step 4: Wipe Away Spills

Identify and address any sticky spills or crumbs that require wiping. Use a multipurpose cleaner to pre-treat spills before wiping them away with a paper towel or clean cloth. Promptly remove stains from carpets and rugs using household cleaning agents. However, if you find it difficult, it is safer to opt for house cleaning services in Long Island for hassle-free cleanup.

Step 5: Spot Cleaning

Conclude your clean-up for the day by wiping down the kitchen counters. Use a damp cloth and multipurpose cleaning spray. You can also prepare a cleaning spray by mixing one part vinegar with two parts lemon juice in a spray bottle, diluting it slightly. Spray the desired spot and use a clean, absorbent washcloth to rub and blot out any stains.


Once you wake up the next morning, the post-party clean-up will demand a few hours of your time if you don’t opt for any home cleaning services in New York.

Step 1: Run the dishwasher

Begin by starting the pre-loaded dishwasher to clean the dishes. Once the first load is finished, put away the clean dishes in their designated places and load the remaining dirty dishes. Use this time to simultaneously address other cleaning tasks.

Step 2: Put everything in order

If decorations were used, take them down and store the ones you wish to keep. Dispose of or give away balloons and other single-use decor pieces. Restore order by putting things back in their designated places if they are out of order. You can also go for move-in move-out cleaning services for placing the furniture pieces back to their original positions if they were moved during the party.

Step 3: Clean kitchen areas

Grease and grime usually accumulate on your stovetop and kitchen sink during the party. Perform a thorough wipe-down using a cleaning solution made with equal parts warm water and vinegar. It is effective for both glass and stainless steel surfaces.

Step 4: Wipe the furniture

While you may have spot-cleaned sticky stains or spills the previous night, the rest of the furniture requires attention the next day. Use a microfiber dust cloth and an all-purpose cleaner to clean any missed spots. If the party extends to outdoor spaces, tidy up the front porch, patio, or backyard. Hose down after tidying to ensure an efficient cleanup.

Step 5: Vacuum the floor

Depending on the foot traffic during the party, your floor may require significant cleaning. Vacuum the floor to eliminate dirt and fine debris. Pay attention to spaces under chairs, tables, and other furniture. For non-carpeted floorings, mop with a warm floor cleaning solution to remove soil, especially in the kitchen.

Step 6: Clean bathroom surfaces

Spray high-touch bathroom surfaces with a disinfectant and let it combat bacteria for 10 minutes. Next, wipe the surfaces with a clean cloth. This should include faucets, doorknobs, toilet seat and lid, flush pull/button, counter, sink, toilet bowl, and the bathroom floor.

Final Thoughts

House parties offer the perfect blend of home comfort and social enjoyment. What’s not to love? Perhaps cleaning the day after the party. Hopefully, the day after the party will be a bit more manageable for you with these post-party cleaning tips.
However, if you still find post-party cleaning overwhelming, consider relying on Quicklyn, the best house cleaning service in NYC. We offer after-party cleaning services with a team of professionals who will leave your house looking better than ever.