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Quicklyn’s House Cleaning Services: Clean Your Home Before the Holiday Season


Homes in all corners of the world are now preparing for the upcoming holiday season. Upon the endless baking, present wrapping, and holiday movie sessions, the holiday cleaning schedule to organize the home is likely to get lost. However, when the guests arrive at the door, homeowners regret breaking their promise of cleaning and organizing their home and that’s why Hiring a professional House Cleaning Services is beneficial for cleaning and organizing the house.

Usually, homes receive a thorough cleaning twice every year, but thanks to the busy schedule, people forget about the cleaning around the holiday season. After the initial spring cleaning, it is safe to say that every house should book House Cleaning Services with the arrival of the holiday season.

Since the holidays are almost about to start, it is time to get a clean sweep of the entire house. Besides having squeaky clean floors and clean windows, homeowners should also ensure that the innermost nooks and crannies are cleaned and polished. People who are on a mission to clean and organize their homes before the arrival of the holiday season, read this article till the very end. Here homeowners will find a quick 7-days schedule of cleaning and organizing their home.

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Conquer the flooring 

First and foremost, it is best to start with the floors. Well, a clean and sparkling floor is never completely clean. Cleaning the floors is a two-stage process that involves wet mopping and vacuuming.

When doing so, homeowners should pay attention to the baseboards and space under the furniture. One can always go the extra mile and vacuum parts of the furniture as well. These are specific aspects of cleaning the floor that is mostly forgotten or exclusively reserved for the deep cleaning schedule.

For floors made up of tiles, stone, or ceramic, it is always beneficial to do some wax polish. Besides a primary clean, it allows the floor to shine and looks outstanding.

Washing the windows 

Next, it is time to transform the windows. It is no secret that cleaning the windows is one of the most challenging household tasks. While the task is likely to take multiple hours from beginning to end, it is something that has to be done properly. Therefore in this 7- days schedule, it is best to complete the window cleaning early so that the windows remain shiny and clean even after the holidays.

Deep cleaning the kitchen 

The kitchen is one of the most important area of every household, particularly during the holiday season. After all, it is where all the cooking happens, and the grand meal is prepared for friends and family.

Therefore homeowners should always invest a sufficient amount of time and work in cleaning the kitchen so that guests get a welcoming feeling. From beginning to the end, the cleaning process of kitchen would include the following:

  • Deep cleaning the appliances
  • Cleaning the vents and fan
  • Scrubbing the refrigerator
  • Empty the pantry and fridge
  • Cleaning inside cabinets
  • Decluttering countertops

Cleaning around the fireplace and chimney 

Homeowners hardly remember when did they last cleaned their chimney and fireplace. However, with the party time here, it is better to get the cleaning tools ready before welcoming Santa. Cleaning the fireplace is also beneficial for the health and safety of the occupants.

Please remember chimney inspection should be conducted at least once every year. It is a practice that can effectively prevent chimney fires and help remove debris that can get stuck in the chimney walls.

Spruce up the spare room 

Of course, it is always nice to ensure that all the bedrooms are clean and organized. It is equally important to pay attention to the guest bedrooms. After all, the holiday season is the time when you are going to accommodate most of the overnight guests.

Cleaning the exteriors 

After cleaning the interiors, it’s time to clean the exterior walls of the home. Of course, everyone plans to decorate the exteriors of their house during the holidays. Christmas lights, holiday-themed decor can be found everywhere. However, firstly, it is important to start by removing the leftovers of previous season’s decor. It may include anything from garden decorations, furniture, dust and debris, isolated junk, and other items lying around the house. Either way, it is always nice to clean the exteriors to make them look smart and appealing to the guests. It will surely make the holiday decor stand out and look its absolute best.

Removing previous season decor 

Now it is time to prepare for the holiday decor for the upcoming weeks. Be it a tree, stockings, or holiday-themed collectibles; there is an abundance of space to showcase seasonal items around the house. However, for this, some of the last season decor items need to be removed. As the holiday decor items come out,  previous season decor should go back into the storage.

Who can manage to organize previous season’s decor can get assured that their home will eventually look organized and cleaned. Removing some parts of the last season’s decor can create the perfect place for the holiday decor.

Cleaning and organizing the home for the holiday season

The majority of homeowners complain of feeling stressed due to insufficient time before the holidays begin. With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it is quite natural to feel that the schedule is quite full. Fortunately, planning to organize and clean the home need not be excessively time-consuming. You can easily book Quicklyn’s House Cleaning Services as the services are affordable compared to Housekeeping Services Cost.

One can find a shiny clean home with a simple 7-day cleaning schedule. At the end of the week, the home will be a completely different place both inside and out. From there on, it is time to relax with holiday tunes, favorite holiday treats, and fresh eggnog. If you need any extra hand to prepare your home ahead of the holiday season, get in touch with Quicklyn experts for complete House Cleaning Services. You can visit Quicklyn’s official website to learn more. We always go the extra mile to ensure that our clients get safe and clean homes. Our dedicated Apartment Cleaning Services New York has been helping people around NYC to keep the home clean and organized at all times.